Saturday, 26 September 2015

Top Reasons Your Home Might Need Child Safety Fencing

Before your little one arrived, everything in your home seemed risk-free. But now you have a curious toddler exploring every nook and cranny, and you’re starting to get a little worried. Here are a few reasons why your home probably needs child safety fencing.

A swimming pool is big hazard for a toddler. Kids are fascinated by pools, but they don’t always have the sense to behave with caution around them. To prevent accidents, you should not hesitate to put a fence around your pool. If it looks so lovely as it is that you can’t bear to put a fence around it, get a removable fence – you can take it down when your child gets older.

Your balcony may be perfectly safe for adults, but is it safe for babies? Kids can be quite adept at sqeezing through posts that are spaced just a little too far apart. If you don’t want to have your balcony completely redone, you can add some child-proof fencing with very little impact on the overall aesthetics.

A large, open fireplace makes a room timelessly cozy. However, it can also be a danger for kids. Until your little one grows up enough to be trusted around fire, you should surround this area with a fence. It would be quite a tragedy if this heartwarming part of your home were to be responsible for a serious accident.

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